WaterSense Pre-rinse spray valves

Pre-rinse spray valves—often used in commercial and institutional kitchens—are designed to remove food waste from dishes prior to dishwashing.

Does the spray valve include a hose?


The pattern of spray from the valve


The spray force, measured in ounces-force (ozf)


WaterSense Savings

Replacing one pre-rinse spray valve with a WaterSense labeled model can save a typical commercial kitchen more than 7,000 gallons of water per year. That’s equivalent to the amount of water needed to wash nearly 5,000 racks of dishes. Because kitchens use hot water to rinse dishes, installing a WaterSense labeled pre–rinse spray valve can reduce a commercial kitchen’s annual natural gas use by more than 6,400 cubic feet per year. That’s enough energy to run its convection oven 12 hours a day for three weeks.

A commercial kitchen that replaces one pre–rinse spray valve with a WaterSense labeled model could save as much as $115 to $240 per year, as it could reduce water costs by $65 per year and energy costs by $50 per year (natural gas) or $175 per year (electricity). The facility could see payback on the investment in as little as four to eight months.

Start Saving Today

Restaurant equipment purchasers can now look for the WaterSense label. If all commercial food service establishments in the U.S. installed and used a WaterSense labeled pre-rinse spray valve, we could save more than $225 million in water and energy costs across the country annually.

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